Part of the beauty of training in Taekwondo is the chance to learn some of the Korean Language. The translations here are phonetic meaning that they are just telling you how to make the correct sound for the relevant word in Korean. Your own instructor may give you translation sheets that look different, but look closely and you should see that the same sounds are being created, which is the important thing. During examinations, your examiner may ONLY speak in Korean. If you do not understand his/her instructions, you may find yourself having trouble getting that new belt. There are more translations on the pattern pages showing how to string the words together to describe a stance and a particular action (strike or block) in one phrase.

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Basic Korean Terms

Tae - Foot
Kwon - Fist (or, "to smash with the fist")
Do - Way
Poomse - Pattern
Dojang - Training Hall
Momtong Bashin - Press Ups
Bo Chumok - Wrapped Fists
Dobok - Uniform
Hoogo - Body Armour
Oreun - Right
Wen - Left
Kibom - Technique
Chung - Blue
Hong - Red
Sabomnim - Teacher
Jan Nim - Master
Qwan Jan Nim - Grand Master
Chung Yong - Blue Dragon

Taekwondo Kicks

Chagi - Kick
Ap Chagi - Front Kick
Yop Chagi - Side Kick
Dolliyo Chagi - Turning Kick
Dwi Chagi - Back Kick
Horyo Chagi - Reverse Turning Kick
Ap Horyo Chagi - Hook Kick
Naeryo Chagi - Axe Kick
An Chagi - Inner Crescent Kick
Bakat Chagi - Outer Crescent Kick
Mirro Chagi - Push Kick
Ap Dolliyo Chagi - Front Turning Kick
Bituereo Chagi - Twisting Kick
Cha Jun Bal Chagi - Skipping Kick
Twimeo Chagi - Jumping Kick
Chagi Undong - Kicking Excercise
Ap Cha Olligi - Front Leg Raising

Punches & Strikes

Jireugi - Punch
Ap Jireugi - Front Punch
Yop Jireugi - Side Punch
Duebom Jireugi - Double Punch
Baro Jireugi - Reverse Punch
Bandi Jireugi - Obverse Punch
Jecheo Jireugi - Upper Cut Punch
Teok Jireugi - Upset Punch
Doong Chumok - Back Fist
Me Chumok - Hammer Fist
Bo Chumok - Covering Fist
Chigi - Strike
Palkup Chigi - Elbow Strike
Pyong Sohn Keut Chigi - Spear Hand Strike
Ba Tang Sohn Chigi - Palm Heel Strike
An Jin Sohn Chigi - Arc Hand Strike
Sohn Nal Chigi - Knife Hand Strike
Sohn Nal Mok Chigi - Knife Hand Neck Strike
Sohn Nal Doong - Ridge Hand Strike
Palmok Chigi - Forearm Strike
Pyojeot Chigi - Target Strike
Mur Chigi - Knee Strike
Naeryo Chigi - Downward Strike

Counting in Korean

Hana - one
Dool - two
Set - three
Net - four
Dasot - five
Yasot - six
Ilkop - seven
Yodol - eight
Ahop - nine
Yol - ten

Taekwondo Commands

Chariot - Attention
Kyong Ne - Bow
Choonbi - Ready
Shijak - Start (for instance, to commence fighting at a tournament)
Kooman - Stop
Kallyo - Separate (no grappling in Taekwondo tournaments!)
Kyesok - Continue

WTF Taekwondo Stances

Sogi - Stance
Ap Sogi - Walking Stance
Ap Kobi - Long Stance
Joochum Sogi - Horse Back (Sitting) Stance
Dwi Kobi - Back Stance
Moa Sogi - Close Stance
Wen Sogi - Left Stance
Oreun Sogi - Right Stance
Koa Sogi - Cross Stance
Bom Sogi - Tiger Stance
Chariot Sogi - Attention Stance
Choonbi Sogi - Ready Stance

WTF Taekwondo Blocks

Maki - Block
Aree Maki - Lower (or, Leg) Block
Momtong Maki - Middle (Body) Block
Olgool Maki - High (Face) Block
Palmok Maki - Forearm Block
An Palmok Maki - Inner Forearm Block
Bakat Palmok Maki - Outer Forearm Block
Sohn Nal Maki - Knife Hand Block
An Sohn Nal Maki - Inner Knife Hand Block
Bakat Sohn Nal Maki - Outer Knife Hand Block
Ba Tang Sohn Maki - Palm Heel Block
Hechyo Maki - Wedge Block
Eotgesreo Maki - Cross Wrist Block
Owest Stanteel Maki - Part Mountain Block
Stanteel Maki - Mountain Block
Kawi Maki - Double Block


Qurogee - Sparring
Jayo Qurogee - Free Sparring
Macho Qurogee - Competition Sparring
Hanbon Qurogee - One Step Sparring
Eebon Qurogee - Two Step Sparring
Sebon Qurogee - Three Step Sparring
Ho Sin Sul - Self Defense
Taegeuk - Parent name for first 8 patterns
Poomse - Pattern (form)


Olgool - Face
Mok - Neck
Momtong - Body
Palmok - Forearm
Palkup - Elbow
Sohn - Hand
Chumok - Fist
Mur - Knee
Aree - Legs

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