At my club we are taught the Kibom. I'm told these are no longer taught at the majority of WTF Taekwondo clubs, but our Chief Instructor (Master William Rose, 6th Dan) believes they are a useful addition to the training syllabus and has revived them. The word Kibom means "technique". The Kiboms I've learnt so far are listed on the menu. The first is Kibom Sun Il - in English that's "first hand technique". As you would imagine, the next is the "second hand technique" - Kibom Sun Ee. I'm hoping to find out shortly how many there are and will update this page when I have that information.

The hand Kiboms are complimented by leg Kiboms, the first of which is Kibom Aree Il (first leg technique). Hopefully by the time you've read this far you can work out for yourself the name of the second leg technique.

I don't have any useable images for these yet, so I'm presenting them in text form only - hopefully clearly enough for you to understand the stances, direction faced and individual moves. Images may come later.

The menu above should be simple enough to follow, but here's a link to the first one anyway:

Kibom Sun Il (first hand technique)

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